Re: Excessive transaction logs: corrupt messages?

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  • Date: Mon, 8 Aug 2005 23:11:42 +0530

Generation of logs is nothing but transaction been noted down. If some one send a message of 100 MB then you could expect 20 logs for that. some one forwards that , then again .......
so possibily a big email coming in or circling inside the org.

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Sent: Monday, August 08, 2005 7:41 PM
Subject: [exchangelist] Excessive transaction logs: corrupt messages?

I had a problem this weekend where there was an excessive amount of
transaction logs being created. I tried for hours to find the problem,
but the only thing that looked out of the norm were messages in the
queues that had no sender and I could not delete them. From that, my
only conclusion was that there were malformed/corrupt messages in the
queues creating these transaction logs. After a reboot everything
resumed to normal.

Is there a way to detect corrupt messages (incase this happens again, I
would like to pinpoint it)? Has anyone else experienced this problem, or
does it sound like corrupt messages were not at fault?

Any insight is much appreciated. Thanks

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