RE: Excahneg 5.5 to Exchange 2003 Migration Question

  • From: "Sarbjit Singh Gill" <ssgill@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: "'[ExchangeList]'" <exchangelist@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 8 Dec 2004 22:20:52 +0800

Greetings Naboth

(sorry for the accidental send earlier without typing anything) 
Here the answers are in-line.

> 1) do I create the mailboxes first under Exchange 2003 and 
> then use exmerge to put the messages in there? Also bear in 
> my AD user accounts have alreday been migrated.
The Exmerge logic really has nothing to do with creating directory entries
or creating store objects if they don't already exist. Exmerge simply read
the existing data and then we'll initialize an object in the store if it
hasn't been initialized in Exchange 2003. In Exchange 5.5, it needs to
already have been there. So the logic is the same as on Outlook client. So
think of it as, can you take an Outlook client, just pull it up, and then
specify a mailbox, and then it will create it for you. The answer is, no. So
the administrator still needs to create those mailboxes, and then use
Exmerge as the tool to transport the data.

> 2) Can I not automate the mailbox creation process like you 
> can in Exchange
> 5.5 by using the directory import option to import from a 
> CSV? And after the mailboxes are created then use exmerge.
Yes you can. 

> 3)How does exmerge correctly determine which mailbox to dump 
> the imported messages to when you have lots of pst files.
 The mailbox on the destination server must have the same mailbox name and
the same container path. The Distinguished Name (DN) of the mailbox on the
destination server is obtained by replacing the Organization and Site names
in the DN of the mailbox on the source server with the Organization and
Sites names of the destination server. 
> Thanks in advance
> Naboth

Kind Regards

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