Ex5.5 IS shuts down , but why ? how to prevent

  • From: Shyam K M <ShyamKM@xxxxxxxx>
  • To: "[ExchangeList]" <exchangelist@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 18 Oct 2004 17:50:30 +0530

   This is a problem I am facing with an Exchange Server 5.5 installation.My
IS needs to be restarted from the services.msc on certain occassions - a
senior colleague suggested that one of the reasons is when an attachment
whose size is larger than our permitted limit arrives.He said that though a
size limit is placed on attachment sizes , this issue will happen , because
as a result of a bug in Microsoft Exchange 5.5 , this limit on attachment
size is not enforced.
  But somehow , I am not convinced .So I have culled out the following from
my Event Viewer's Application Log (in the same order in which they appeared
in the Event Viewer's Application Log , top to bottom) :

Source : MS Exchange SA

Category : Monitoring

EID : 1005 (MS Ex)

Unexpected error <<0xc0040000 - The Microsoft Exchange Server computer is
not available. Either there are network problems or the Microsoft Exchange
Server computer is down for maintenance. Microsoft Exchange Server
Information Store ID no: 8004011d-0526-00000000>> occurred. 



Unexpected error <<0xc0040000 - Network problems are preventing connection
to the Microsoft Exchange Server computer. Microsoft Exchange Server
Information Store ID no: 80040115-0514-000006bf>> occurred. 


Source : ESE97

Category : Logging / Recovery

EID : 193

MSExchangeIS (2156) The database engine failed with error -510 while trying
to log the commit of a transaction.  To ensure database consistency, the
process was terminated.  Simply restart the process to force database
recovery and return the database to a consistent state. 


Source : ESE97
EID : 130
Category : Logging / Recovery
MSExchangeIS (2156) Error -1032 occurred while opening a newly created log


Source : ESE97
EID : 145
Cat : General

MSExchangeIS (2156) The database engine could not access the file called

Any help will be greatly appreciated. 


Shyam Kumar Mangayil.

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