Re: Event id 445 Source: ESE. Urgent solution plss!!!

  • From: "Zoran" <zmarjanovic@xxxxxxxx>
  • To: exchangelist@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Wed, 21 Jan 2004 02:39:17 -0700

Storage capacity limit of Exchange 2k Standard Edition is 16 GB. Buy
Enterprise Edition (no storage capacity limits), run offline
defragmantation from time to time or delete "a few" messages.

> i am using exchange 2000 standard version the event viewer is getting
> filled up with the following Application log warning
> Event Type:   Warning
> Event Source: ESE
> Event Category:       (4)
> Event ID:     445
> Date:         1/21/2004
> Time:         11:20:33 AM
> User:         N/A
> Computer:     ****
> Description:
> Information Store (1944) The database D:\Program
> Files\Exchsrvr\mdbdata\priv1.edb has reached its maximum size of 16383 MB.
> If the database cannot be restarted, an offline defragmentation may be
> performed to reduce its size.
> For more information, click
> i ran the Offline defragmentation 2 months before and the performance was
> normal .
> But now, Users are experiencing slow outlook response. Do i need to run
> the offline Defragmentation again.  I am planning to run it today.
> I would like to hear suggesstions from the experts here about Offline
> defragmentation. i will follow the steps described in the following link
> "After you run the eseutil /d command on your mailbox store, you must
> dismount all the stores in the storage group and remove any log files in
> the Mdbdata folder before you remount the database"
> Do i need to delete the LOG files in MDBDATA folder after running Offline
> defragmentation. Can't i leave log files untouched (log file corruption
> fear!!)
> Thanks in advance.

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