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After a brief look at it, it looks like no, you would have to do more than
just modify the few pieces.  I say that because what you have is similar to
ode_example_smtp_.asp which keys off the envelopefields.  You want to get
into the body similar to how the event sink for appending/prepending a
message gets into the body, read the body and search for keywords if I
understand correctly.  Not as simple as changing those three fields you

As a side note, most newer anti-virus products that are Exchange-aware
(server side) offer a mechanism to content filter.  If you have such a thing
already in place, it would be a good thing to put it to use that way.  

The event sinks that are shown that would get into the messages the way you
want likely have a performance hit (according to msdn they do) so taking
advantage of something that has been developed and optimized that you are
likely already using may also be the most cost-effective solution.


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