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Dear Exchange Manager,

How do you Support the Email Demands from.?

CEO, CFO, CIO, Information Security Managers

            Compliance Office & Managers

Security Officers & Managers

Corporate Legal


IT & Exchange Professionals      

Business Climate

 Business Leaders are demanding more control and access to email.

 The cost of Data & Email Lifecycle Management is enormous.


Companies can no longer afford to ignore their lack of email control.  


 Our Solution - Estorian Looking GlassT

We at Estorian understand these demands and needs and have built Looking
GlassT to address the problem head on.  Having over 20 years in the Storage
then Exchange Store world we elegantly architected an easy to install
solution that provides a wide range of Email Management Controls, and Search
& Retrieve capabilities for capturing corporate in and out bound email in
Real-Time, On-Server and Archived Tapes and Drives.

We built our software with your business in mind and designed Looking GlassT
to work inside the forest at the Exchange Level.  The solution works by
making Remote Procedure Calls via IP into Exchange Server(s) from any IP
location, as long as you have forest and server administration rights.  It
is less obtrusive than all the competition and unlike them, it is NOT at
SMTP or Desktop Level.  It is near a plug and play application as you can
find.  No client side code or configuration on Exchange Server(s) is


Once installed you or your business stake holders can run word(s) or
phrase(s) list queries for compliance monitoring or drill down searches by
user(s), user to user(s), to or from domains, time, and a host of other
discovery criteria.

Estorian's Looking GlassT Solves These Business Applications Needs  

1.   Senior Executives - Information Security, Risk Management and SOX &
other Compliance

2.   Security - Theft, Fraud, Virus, & Compliance

3.   Legal - Search & Discovery, Risk Management, Violation Avoidance 

4.   HR - Acceptable Use, Harassment, Compliance

5.   IT - Backup, Restore, Retrieve, Compliance, Policy


To discuss your needs, questions and concerns or obtain your Free Evaluation
Copy today.  Please contact or have your stake-holders contact:



Mike Schrock

VP Information Risk Mgnt. & Security Solutions

m: (206)-383-9090

o: (425)-952-6160



the future of data management <> 



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