RE: Error while installing Exchange 2000 in Ex change 5.5 Site(0xC103F C93(64659)

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  • Date: Mon, 21 Jun 2004 19:18:47 +0300

Thanks for the reply.
How will i make sure if the Exchange 5.5 is listening on port 389, is that
thru NETSTAT? How do i see if LDAP is turned on for Exchange 5.5? How do i
turn LDAP on for Exchange 5.5?
Can anyone suggest me.
Thanks for your time.

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I've run into this at least a dozen times. The four items below generally
take care of it.
Quick-n-dirty on the new Exchange 2000 server: 
3) Use Administrator to do the install
And a quick-n-dirty for the Exchange 5.5 server:
4) Make sure that Exchange55 is listening on port 389 and LDAP is turned on
for Exchange 55


From: mathif@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx [mailto:mathif@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx] 
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Subject: [exchangelist] Error while installing Exchange 2000 in Exchange 5.5
Site(0xC103F C93(64659)

Hello Folks,
I am getting a strange error while trying to install Exchange 2000 Server in
Exchange 5.5 Site. While running FORESTPREP the wizard prompted to enter
Exchange 5.5 Server name, and when i try to give that, it popsup with error
"Setup encountered error while attempting to bind the Exchange Server
"Servername:0xC103FC93(64659): could not bind to the Microsoft Exchange
Directory Server,SERVERNAME. The Microsoft Exchange Server computer doesnot
I am really stumped. Actually, i am trying to migrate from Exchange 5.5 to
Exchange 2000. I have completed upgrading WINDOWS NT 4 PDC to 2000 Domain
controller thru In Place Upgrade Method and everything went fine.. Now i am
trying to migrate from Exchange 5.5 to Exchange 2000 thru Move Mail box
method. I am following these documents;
316886 - HOW TO Migrate from Exchange Server 5.5 to Exchange 2000 Server;EN-US;316886
296260 - XGEN How to Configure a Two-Way Recipient Connection Agreement for
Exchange Server 5.5 Users;EN-US;296260
274173 - XADM Documentation for the NTDSNoMatch Utility;EN-US;274173
256862 - XADM How to Correct Mismatched Accounts After Active Directory
Connector Replication;EN-US;256862
284148 - XADM How to Remove the Last Exchange Server 5.5 Computer from an
Exchange 2000 Administrative Group;EN-US;284148
152959 - XADM How to Remove the First Exchange Server in a Site;EN-US;152959
Any ideas?
Thanks for your time.

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