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  • Date: Thu, 9 May 2002 13:41:44 -0400

Does anyone have an answer for this yet?  The only reply I saw was Japanese 
writing, and I don't know the language.

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           My company has a license for Exchange 2000 Enterprise.  When we 
installed, the only installation media we had was not the Enterprise version of 
Exchange.  Upon realizing this (we didn't know we had Enterprise licensed), we 
realized we needed to upgrade.  We have been holding off until we received the 
correct media.

           Now comes the question.  When I insert the Exchange 2000 Enterprise 
media into the CD-ROM drive, the AUTORUN kicks up, and I am prompted to install 
Exchange 2000 Enterprise.  I choose this option, accept the terms and 
conditions, and then enter in the CD KEY.  Upon entering the CD KEY, I am then 
forced into a component selection window.  The top-level only has two options, 
"---" and "none".  I am not prompted to upgrade, nor can I select sub 
components for upgrade.  I can not continue as the "Back" button has been 
deactivated.  Is there something special I have to do to install this version 
of Exchange?

           The current setup is Exchange 2000 (Standard), with SP2, and Windows 
2000 Server, with SP2.  On the machine I also have Symantec's AntiVirus for 
Microsoft Exchange 2.5.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.

        -- Brandon Lockhart

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