RE: Endless Mail Queues

  • From: "Brian Parker" <bparker@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Tue, 23 Sep 2003 18:09:17 +0100

Hi Abdalla
I think you need to find where these messages keep appearing from :-
1. Which queue do you see them appear in ?
2. Is there a pattern (sent to a particular user etc) ?
You also need to ensure you stick a delivery restriction (think you can
do through a policy on 2000) on the size of mails which your system can
sensibly handle.
Brian Parker 
Senior Computing Officer 
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From: Abdalla Ziraba [mailto:abdalla@xxxxxxxxxxxxx]
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Subject: Endless Mail Queues

Hi all,
I have an Exchange2k and MSOutlook 2000 clients. Everything was fine
until three days ago when one of my users sent a 24Mb attachment to
atleast a hundred recipients. The actual problem is my internet
connectivity speed is very slow. My ISP says my mail server is consuming
more of the bandwidth. I have confirmed this by physically disconnecting
the server from the network. I have also noticed that a copy of the
message keeps reappearing in the cue even when I delete it. What shall I
do to clear this problem?

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