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  • Date: Wed, 28 Mar 2007 07:14:31 -0600

If you already have your public cert(s) for SSL support on your ISA
server, for your domain name, you should be able to get ActiveSync
working in a day.  But I would say one day to configure and another to
test and verify.  You should also look at setting up the ActiveSync Web
Admin page:
dbf-a2cc-e0b4c6301453&DisplayLang=en and testing it too.



The thing that takes the most time is getting a hold of the mobile
devices to configure them to use ActiveSync.  The configuration steps
are too difficult for most users I have found.


Jason Sherry 
Messaging Architect, MCSE: M, Microsoft MVP


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Hi Guys,


We are looking to implement active sync, just need to have an idea how
long it should take to have it fully up and running, my guess is 2day. I
need this infor for a proposal for today.


Environment: Windows 2003, Exchange 2003, ISA 2004.








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