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  • Date: Thu, 20 Apr 2006 08:57:54 -0700

  We have had a few users who have "lost" emails, only to find out an Outlook 
folder view was culprit.  A simple work around was do do search, which does not 
recognize a folder view.  Also the command line /cleanviews fixes.
Thanks, Robert


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-------------------------------------------------------Is there a way to 
recover emails that have suddenly vanished from a personal
folder - I suggested to this client that he check the archive files, but not
sure what else I can do to help him - it's really weird - that several emails
have vanished - of course people do accidently delete things sometimes - and
since he made the decision to change his setup from an Exchange Server
account to a personal file folder account - he cannot use the "recover
deleted items" feature. . .

If you know a way to help locate lost email - let me know. . .

Vicki Knutsen
Information Systems Administrator
Northwest District LCMS
www.nowlcms.org <http://www.nowlcms.org/>

503-288-8383 ext 129
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