Email Date's and Times in SBS - Exchange?

  • From: justin@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
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  • Date: Sun, 17 Oct 2004 19:11:47 -0600

Hi Guy's

I have recently set up, our new Dell server.  It has Small Business Server
running on it with Exchange 2003.  I have migrated all of our old accounts
from MS Server 2000, and ran into a few problems on the way.

The major problem I have now is, the dates and times of the emails we send
out here at work.  If I send an email today Monday 18 October 9:53am, It
will show up as something like Tuesday 19 October 11:00am.

Its really starting to bug me as I can NOT find a solution for this
problem.  The system time and date on the Server is fine,  Also I have had
problems with the Migration process, as we could not access each others
diary's unless we go through MS Outlook, File-Open-Open User's Folder. 
And even then we can not add shortcuts of the other persons calendar to
the outlook shortcuts bar.

Normally on windows XP and Outlook when you go into properties, and select
exchange server then, what email accounts to open they will open the other
user's accounts but only what they want to give access to you. Ie
Calender's.  But this way dose not work.  They user's come up but we are
unable to access them.

Also when our director sent out a bulk email last week she only received
about 11 email recepts rather then a couple of hundred.  and some of our
clients said they did not receive any email at all?

If someone could help with these issues I would be VERY grateful!


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