EXCH55 Inconsistent database won't repair

  • From: "cpm" <msexchange@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <exchangelist@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sat, 9 Aug 2003 00:07:20 +0800

Hi All,

I've been working all day on this and ask some for guidance.

At about 08:40 hrs our client's Exch55 sp4 box crashed after never having
done this since install for nearly 5 years.

It rebooted by itself and worked until about 15:03 hrs when it stopped
again. The event log IDs were from MSExchangeIMC (ID 4116, 4102 and others).
The Information Store was shutting down. Restarting the IMC an IS services
resulting in them stopping fairly quickly.

A quick check with eseutil /g on each database showed the priv.edb was

Moving right along, a run with eseutil /r gave an further error and the
database was still inconsistent. IS then wouldn't restart with event ID 1120
and 5000 errors.

Following Q185577 we ended up having to run the eseutil /p. The commands
runs until about 90% and then exits to the command prompt without any error
or fixing the database.

We have an offline backup before a disk upgrade from 30 May 2003 (eik!), and
the machine's tapes appear to have been useless for months (backups were
running, but tapes are unreadable). Circular logging was on. isinteg -fix
etc... doesn't work either.

My questions are;

1) Is there a fix for the eseutil /p command not finishing?

2) What are the large ".LOG" files in the imcdata\log directory - can I use
them somehow?

3) Is there some way to draw the "good" data out of the apparently corrupt
priv.edb which I can't mount.



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