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  • Date: Tue, 3 Sep 2002 01:49:56 +0200

I have the same problem and use a workaround not a solution. 

It seems that the DNS the exchange 2000 server uses somehow cannot
resolve the MX records required for smtp mail delivery. Although
microsoft has an KB article about it, that does not solve the problem. 

I found out that by forwarding all outbound mail to another machine with
an smtp service on it, your mail will be sent by that machine.
Therefore, the problem must be in the exchange smtp service and how it
handles dns queries because the standard smtp service (meaning the one
you have if you don't install exchange) doesn't have this problem. 
To receive delivery notifications for failed or delayed mail delivery,
you must setup a "smtp remote domain" named "your mail domain" for every
domain your hosting, pointing to your exchange smtp server. This way the
second smtp server will know where to deliver those notifications.

Don't think it has anything to do with ISA though...


Paul Heath

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Decommissioned the last EX 5.5 Server this past weekend. Getting mail
coming in from the Internet doesn't look like mail is getting of the
smtp-server (messages are being queued - remote delivery) message I'm
getting when I look at the queued messages is "Unable to bind to the
destination server in DNS. In EX5.5 - the IMS Connector was forwarding
mail thru an ISP - setup the smtp server with a smarthost. Read articles
on this site besides smarthost and external dns servers on the smtp
virtual server I have gone back and setup my dns server as a forwarder -
checked it from the ex2000 server with nslookup everything looked good -
setup protocol rules for SMTP and DNS and created a smtp server
publishing rule according to ISA Server SMTP Server Support article -
IIS is running on the same server as EX2000 and on no other server at
this time. Does anybody have any ideas what's going on - I could really
use some help.

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