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This is probably overly simple for what you are asking for, but I
usually take the amount of disk space allocated for e-mail storage and
divide that number by the number of people in my organization, then
divide that by 2.  So if everyone fills up their allocated space, I will
be half full.  That allows for a good amount of growth in personnel,
plus lets the CEO have feel all big by allowing them twice the space
that everyone else gets.

If the above method doesn't give your users enough space, then buy
more/bigger hard drives.


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I'm trying to get an idea of what limits to set on our exchange server.
was wondering if you could help me out by letting me know what limits
set on your e-mail system.

Are you a company or educational institution?

Are you allowed to leave your messages on the server or do you have to
download all of your messages to your computer each time you read your

How much are you allowed to store on your server?

Do you have limitations on the number of days a message can remain on

Are you allowed to access your server from outside your local network?

Does your workplace have any e-mail filters in place that would deny you
certain types of messages or attachments?

Thanks in advance for your help.

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