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> Thank you for your responses.  I think contacting a lawyer is 
> a good idea.  
> Exchange 200x-aware antivirus was the only content scanning 
> software that 
> was mentioned.  I will check into that software.  Are there 
> any others that 
> you can think of....I would like to research and present more 
> than one 
> option.
> Thanks again for all of your help:)
> Susan

I think that step one is to codify the company policy, as this wil be
critical for disciplinary action.
The other reason to set the policy first is that then you will have a solid
target when it comes to finding a technical solution.

You might want to look at the book

Writing Information Security Policies{23C65568-DAD7-4A5E-99

When it comes time to look at software to filter your mail
Since it is based on mimedefang it would give you the power of perl to
filter your mail, if it couldn't do it out of the box.
As a bit of a challenge if you come up with your policy, I'll see if Canit
could be a fit, if you would like.

John Mason

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