E2K web-based administration???

  • From: "Karen Sorrell" <ksorrell@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Mon, 30 Dec 2002 09:03:05 -0500

What are the best options for delegating administration of distribution

In other words, the exchange 2000 server is 500 miles away from
JoeAdmin.  JoeAdmin is responsible for 17 distribution groups.  He keeps
the memberships current, changes a group name if it needs to be changed,
etc.  How can JoeAdmin administer his 17 groups remotely, and NOT be
able to make changes to anything else on the Exchange 2000 server?  Can
he use a web browser like Internet Explorer and submit the changes via
an http connection to the server?  How do you stop him from changing
anything else?  I mean, which permissions do I need to set for him and

Keep one other thing in mind:  this organization has NO structure in
their Active Directory setup.  There aren't any OU's or any group policy
in use that could be used to separate JoeAdmin from some other admin in
some other part of the organization.  Not a bright idea, IMO, but that's
the way it is.  So, you can't say 'use Group Policy' or 'restrict him to
his OU' or something like that!!!  There are no OU's!  


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