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One option would be, If you want the "From manager" rule to process, and
not the "To Distribution List ", configure the "From manager" rule, and
select " Move to folder" and " stop processing more rules". This should
process only the "From manager rule" and stop after that.


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        I have numerous rules configured within Outlook 2000. Each rule
processes a message when it arrives and deposits it in a subfolder of my
        Problem occurs is if I receive for example a message from "my
manager" to a "distribution list" that I am a member of. I have two
rules here, one that messages from "my manager" are submitted to a
folder specifically assigned to receiving messages from him and a second
rule that moves all mail that is sent "to a distribution list" to a
different folder. Trouble is that I get a copy of the message in the
folder ""from Manager" and one in the folder "to distribution list" but
the order of the messages should rectify this problem.  But it doesn't 
        So if I have rules for several distribution lists and "My
Manager" sends a mail to all of them, I can end up with many copies of
the same mail in many different subfolders.
        Does anyone have any idea how I can rectify this problem. 

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