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Does anyone know how to host E-mail for two different domains on one physical 
server. I tried hosting and using virtual 
servers under exchange 2000. is able to recieve and send E-mail 
just fine. However, when I send E-mail to users using my 
address and someone outside of our company trys to reply (hiiting the reply 
button on their E-mail client) those E-mails dissappear. No one gets a Non 
Delivery message. Where are these Emails going to?. The most amazing scenario 
is if they originate the E-mail as a new E-mail addressed to 
user@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx those Emails get through. Only the replies go into LALA 
land. Please help.

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...know how to disable read receipts?  For some reason our exch 2k server is 
automatically sending a read receipt to anyone who requests it.  There is an 
option in outlook to disable it but it is grayed out on all the clients' 

Any ideas?


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