Do you get unknown host, or request timed out?

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From: Amy Dukart [mailto:adukart@xxxxxxxxxxx] 
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No, if I ping I get unknown host.

Amy Dukart
Information Systems Technician
Steffes Corporation
E-Mail: adukart@xxxxxxxxxxx 

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From: Alex Decarli [mailto:decarli@xxxxxxxxxxxxx]
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Subject: [exchangelist] RES: Ping

You can ping,
ISP's has this key on DNS Server.

Alex Decarli

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De: Amy Dukart [mailto:adukart@xxxxxxxxxxx]
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Does anyone know or maybe could step me in the right direction, why I am
not able to ping my server?  I am setup with a public IP and my ISP
controls the DNS and MX records.  Do I need to call them and ask them
why I can't ping or is it something in my setup?

Thank You,

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