Distributed users across servers, same domain name

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  • Date: Tue, 9 Nov 2004 09:43:02 +1100


This is a fairly basic question and would really only like pointers in the
right direction (terms, docs, books, etc.) rather than a detailed

We have three offices connected by DSL links in a WAN, with a single
entry/exit point to the internet in our MEL HQ.
In each is (or will be) an exchange server, which hosts the mailboxes for
local users.

Each office has a number of domain names linked to them based upon the local
business names, although each office shares a domain name.  Each user will
have an email address for each domain name (same name portion, i.e.
adrianb@domain1, adrianb@domain2, etc.).

That is,

MEL: domain1.com.au, domain2.com.au, domain3.com.au, domain4.com.au
SYD: domain1.com.au, domain5.com.au
BNE: domain1.com.au, domain6.com.au

Users will have email addresses of the form:
user1@domain1  MEL mailbox
user1@domain2  MEL mailbox
user1@domain3  MEL mailbox
user1@domain4  MEL mailbox

user2@domain1  SYD mailbox
user2@domain5  SYD mailbox

user3@domain1  BNE mailbox
user3@domain6  BNE mailbox

There is one AD domain:
- OU=MEL  <-- hosting MEL users
- OU=SYD  <-- hosting SYD users
- OU=BNE  <-- hosting BNE users

Users should be able to read their email from whichever office they are
currently logged into, not using cached mode.

I would like all email to enter the network and pass to the MEL exchange
server, forwarding mail to the server holding the correct users' mailboxes.
This means that the exchange server must know that user1@domain1 is in MEL,
whilst user2@domain1 is in SYD, as well as knowing that domain5 and domain6
are also hosted on the remote servers.

My network topology:

Internet --- Firewall --- MEL (Win2k3, MEL exchange2003)
                       --- SYD (Win2k3, SYD exchange2003)
                       --- BNE (Win2k3, BNE exchange2003)

i.e. only a single conenction to the internet for all offices.

I have used Mercury Mail NLM version in an NDS environment to do something
similar but am not sure of the MS way of doing this.

Any assistance (pointers to the relevant documents) would be appreciated.  


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