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  • Date: Fri, 15 Mar 2002 09:31:19 -0800

Hotmail...attachment too big?  Mailbox full?  Any error messages?

>>> lesteves@xxxxxxxxx 03/15/02 09:24AM >>> 

Hi everybody... I've got a user who has me stumped with a forwarding
issue. This guy selects messages in his inbox, right clicks and chooses
forward. Everything cool here - the problem is the some of the
recipients are getting a message with no attachments!

If I send the message internally (E2K SP2) I get at e-mail with
forwarded mails 'inside' it. If I send it to (for example) Hotmail the
attchements aren't there.

The user is logging onto the E2K server with Outlook 2000 with Office
SP1 and 2 installed. I've tried sending mail as plain text, html and RTF
and always have the same result.

Has anybody had a run-in with this sort of behaviour?

Luis Esteves
Network Administrator
Digital Connexxions Corp.
Tel: (905) 338-8355 Ext.220

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