Re: Disk partition for Ex2k with Disaster recovery....

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We've been looking and apparently the RocketRAID 1640 is a 4 channel serial ATA 
that supports RAID 5... of course we're going to keep searching...
We haven't identified a dollar minimum.... we just want to remain concious of 
the cost.
We are a small shop and only support 20 - 30 email users, but would like to 
build to be able to support up to 50....

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        I dont think there are any serial ata raid 5-10 controllers out yet are 
there.  adaptec has one coming out soon, but its not out yet.   all they have 
is raid 0 and 1.
        how low are you trying to keep costs?   $3000, $5000, $8000

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Disaster recovery....
                I am in the process of identifying requirements for a new 
Exchange 2000 box and would like some clarification....
                In an effort to keep costs manageable we were considering 
serial ATA drives in some sort of RAID configuration.
                If we have a separate drive for the OS should it also be a 
serial ATA drive or can it be a standard IDE drive on one of the motherboard 
controllers? If not recommended, I guess it should also be a serial ATA drive 
on its own controller?
                We were thinking of a RAID 5 configuration for the storing of 
the Exchange database and logs. This would be a separate serial ATA 
                Not being a hardware techie... I'm not sure if I'm on the right 
path regarding the hardware configuration....
                Any advice from those who are?


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                        If money is a concern, here is my .02:


                        All drives Dynamic (unless mirroring the SCSI via 
hardware raid) and all NTFS.


                        2 EIDE HD. 

                        Partition 1                         Partition 2         
                         Partition 3

                        Boot and OS (Mirrored)        Page File (One on each 
drive)         Exchange Tran log (Mirrored)


                        2 SCSI

                        One partition. Mirrored. Exchange DB.


                        The reason for have 2 page files, each on a separate 
partition on separate drives, is it is not recommended to mirror the page file, 
and having 2 will keep you from having a blue screen in the event of a drive 


                        John Tolmachoff MCSE CSSA


                        eServices For You


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