Disaster Recovery on part of the forest

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  • Date: Tue, 31 Dec 2002 09:35:17 +0800

First thing Happy New Year to all.

Setup: One forest, two sub-trees, each tree has different name space
(different domain domainA.edu and domainB.edu).  Both domains register
and has different external DNS to internet.
Two trees connected thru  Active Directory Remote Bridgehead servers.  Both
sides runs Exchange 2000 and connected thru Routing Group Connector.
Both domains shared a class B network but each has different chunk of the
class B thru sub-netting.  All sub-netted networks are difined in
Active Directory Sites.

Question: I am the administrator of the domainB.edu only.  In the event of
Disaster Recovery can I just restore domainB and will both active directory
and Exchange 2000 work?  Assume domainA is altogether not in the picture in
the DR.  Has a meeting involved the whole project team, some members
believe acitve directory will work but Exchange 2000 will not.  Or should I
create a dummy domain for domainA for the DR to work?

If we can't find a solution we will call Microsoft for help on this matter.
Need suggestions on the best approach for the DR so as what to discuss
with Microsoft.

Ong LB
Exchange Admin

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