Disaster Recovery For Exchange- Please Advice

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  • Date: Wed, 29 Jun 2005 04:39:18 -0700 (PDT)


Dear All,


i was searching on the internet and this site for disaster recovery for 


i did the disaster recovery Procedures and it works Perfect. 


But i relazed that , with this Procedures, i have to formate the server and 
then install the Windows Server agian 2003 on this Server and of course delete 
the Previuose account for exchange Server from the Active directory Users & 
Computers and then Bring the Backup Tape which include the data, and then 
install the Exchange again in the Disaster recovery Mode and i found that its 
working Perfect without any Problems.



But My Question is, is there any other way to Restore the Exchange database To 
the server without  reinstall the Windows again and start from the Scratch ?


i mean   i will do the following :-


1-  Just make the Database Dismount,

2-  then choose ( this Database can be overright when Restore ) 

3-  then choose the Backup 

4-  click on restore and then let it restore the database to the Original 


.  ( if this steps is correct, when can i do it ? & if its not what is your 
recommendation ? )  



Second Question:-


if i have One External Harddisk, with USB , and if i connect this Harddisk to 
My Exchange server and then DISMOUNT THE DATABASE - and then take copy from the 
LOG file , and take copy also from the MDBDATA i will take copy from the 
Prive1.edb & stm.


and in any case i will restore the files and the log files to the same location.



do you think it will work for Q No 1 & 2 , and which one is correct ?


Please Advice me .


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