RE: Disaster Recovery Exchange 2K with Win2K AD

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If you think the problem is just the machine locally, try installing a new
DC into the mix and transferring the roles to it once stable.  If you still
have the problem, then keeping the Active Directory as is may not be an
option for you or you may have other issues that would show up in the event

If you are unable to install additional computer objects, then you likely
can't add user objects either.  Is that right? If so, it's likely a role
master issue that you're having.  Restoring system state and databases etc
will restore the Active Directory exactly like it is for that point in time.
That might not be a good idea given what you described.  


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Hi everybody,

This is my first time in the list, so I hope you could give me more ideas.

Have the following environment:

A Win2k DC which also is Exchange2K server, this is the lonely server in the
organization, I call it THE server.

This DC has problems with some FSMO roles with impact on the end users:
things like we can not add more machines to the domain. However, the AD
tools run ok, even I can add users or groups to the domain, only if I run it
locally on the server, of course. I have received the server with this
problems from a previous administration.

The thing is: I want to reinstall the server.
BUT I have this problems:
- I need to preserve the AD accounts in order to associate them with their
mailboxes once I have restored the exchange services.
- I think that a System State backup of the server will preserve the
accounts, BUT maybe also preserve the misconfigurations I described.

Has anybody experienced with a similar situation??
Any suggestions will be well received.


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