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Just for fun, can you check this before rebuilding?  Curious about netbios
name resolution as well based on the error....
(from:  <;en-us;224370>;en-us;224370)
NOTE: You may also get the error "RPC server is unavailable" running Dcpromo
on a member server. This can occur if you have only one DC and it does not
have file and printer sharing enable on its network card.

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Thanks Zoran,

I already checked a few things and I think is a PDC Emulator role problem.
I wasn't added any new hardware to the server.
There is not problems with disks.
Since this is the only server in the organization I don't have replication
I checked the role owners with ntdsutil and the server owns all of them.
Even I seize the PDC Emulator role to the same server and it succeded but
the problem is stil present.

When I tried to add a new DC, before run dcpromo.exe I had to add the
computer to the domain and received a message stating that no DC of my
domain could be connected.

I run dcdiag.exe on the server and it fails the Fsmocheck. The rest was Ok.
This is the message:

      Starting test: FsmoCheck
         GC Name: \\
         Locator Flags: 0xe00001fd
         Warning: DcGetDcName(PDC_REQUIRED) call failed, error 1355
         A Primary Domain Controller could not be located.
         The server holding the PDC role is down.
         Time Server Name: \\
         Locator Flags: 0xe00001fd
         Preferred Time Server Name: \\
         Locator Flags: 0xe00001fd
         KDC Name: \\
         Locator Flags: 0xe00001fd
         ......................... failed test FsmoCheck

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