RE: Disabling accounts messing up Exchange Settings

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Hi All

Good news. There is a way around this problem. After much searching I found
TechNet article 319047 and this should resolve the issue. I now have all the
network accounts for my Outlook resources disabled and all of them fully
functional otherwise. It also means I can disable the network accounts of
people who left my company whilst granting other access. I have been asked
for this a number of times.

Basically go to the Exchange Advanced tab for the user in question and
highlight the Self object in the mailbox rights entry. Then grant it full
mailbox access which should have anyway and the Associated External Account
which it will almost certainly not have. Allow time for it to replicate
across the domain then disable the network account. Others with suitable
permissions should then be able to access it just fine even though the users
network account is disabled.

Hope that helps. Get back to me if I can help further at all.

Bye for now.

Paul Lemonidis.

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I too have been having the same problems for the last year or so and it
had been on my list of things to investigate\resolve. We have just lived
with it and were going to work out a specific methodology of how to
disable user accounts, but still allow colleagues to access the mailbox
for a specific period whilst preventing the errors you get in Backup

Hadn't thought of Exmerge!


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