Disabling SMTP addresses in Exch 2k3

  • From: "Bob" <bob.hall@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: exchangelist@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Thu, 26 Aug 2004 16:42:06 -0600


This is a question posed by some of my VIP's upstairs...

They would like to restrict the regular users from recieving or sending
SMTP mail to and from the outside. They want them to retain the ability to
email internally between the users. I am in the middle of my migration
from 5.5 to 2k3 and have been successful in my initial deployment to my UK
site. I have gone in, using a theory, and removed the SMTP address on a
test 5.5 account, leaving only the X.400 address for the account. This
made it so that I was able to send internally, but not externally. It also
precluded any email being delivered to this account from the outside.
When I tried to do this on an account that is homed on the Exch 2K3 box,
the account would not let me remove the SMTP address. This makes sense, I
realize that 2K3 uses SMTP for more than just an address.

There will be some higher ups that will continue to require the ability to
send and recieve to and from the outside. But they would like to cut down
on the time spent by the users on non-business email. Which is

The question is, is there anyway, that any of the knowledgable admins in
this well regarded list know of, to affect the desired result?

Thanx for all of the responses in advance.

Bob Hall

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