Detailed Exchange Problem

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  • Date: Fri, 25 Jan 2002 10:16:40 -0500

My Scenario - 

Exchange 5.5 (SP4) and Windows NT 4.0 (SP6a) with 4 servers in a single site
environment.  One server acts as a gateway with the IMC (Internet Mail
Connector) and runs Outlook Web Access.

The other three servers are internal and each have an IS (Information Store)
running and have assigned mailboxes.  Two servers are running correctly
normally.  The third server is having problems which I will detail below.

Initial reports were no outside of the corporation e-mail was being
received.  Upon review of that situation, a message is returned indicating
looping ("The recipient was detected looping within the message transfer
service") on the gateway server in the MTA (Message Transfer Agent).  The
sender receives a message indicating looping as well in the MTA.

If you look at the Mailbox Resources for the "bad" server, only the basic
system accounts appear.  All end user mailboxes do not appear.  There is
mail in the mailboxes and these users can send internally to any recipient
in the global address book.  External messages are also delivered.

Outlook Web Access is unable to access these user mailboxes.  (It does work
for all other mailboxes confirming OWA is functional.)

If you attempt to move the user's mailbox from the "bad" server to a "good"
server, an error message appears.  (The information Store could not be
opened.  MAPI 1.0 followed by a really long number.)

You can move the mailbox the "bad" server from a "good" server and they do
appear in mailbox resources and can receive outside e-mail.  They cannot
access their account via OWA.

A new account created on the "bad" server never appears and rejects all
external e-mail (looping error) and is returned internally as being an
unrecognized recipient.

Suggestions or thoughts?

Jim Hunt
Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer
Northwestern School Corporation

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