Deploy MS Outlook Profiles using CIW

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I followed the deployment guide below and the Outlook profile works okay.
One area through, I need group's input is that when I assign the package
with the "modifications tab, pointing to the MST file the CIW created" and
go click on start ---> All Program--->  Microsoft Office. The following
applications are invisible:

MS Office Access 2003
MS Office Excel 2003
MS Office infoPath 2003
MS Office Outlook 2003
MS Office PowerPoint 2003
MS Office Publisher 2003
MS Office Word 2003

When go to GPOs, and repackage the software and undefined/exclude the
modifications tab, pointing to the MST file the CIW created option. Run
gpupdate /force /sync, the aforementioned applications become visible and
this means that I have to manually create OUTLOOK PROFILES.

How may I go about having both worlds...? Becoz the invisibility give the
users wrong impression that the entire MS office suite isn't installed on
their computer.

many thanks


On Mon, 11 Apr 2005 09:42:54 -0400
"Jason Lehrhoff" <JLehrhoff@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

You can set the mail server to use in the custom install wizard. Just put the %username% variable in, and Outlook will open to the logged on users' profile when they first open it.
The way I deploy it in the GP scenario is creating the above MST file, and putting the setup files on a server share. You then create an Office installation instance in the Computer Configuration settings (
GPO>Computer Config>Software Settings> Software
Installation>New Package
If you choose it as "Assigned", it will automatically get installed (I apply this GPO to computer names in the organization) On the modifications tab, point to the MST file the CIW created. Try this on a test machine first (remember, you can type 'gpupdate /force'
at the command line of the test GPO client to automatically update the GPO applied to it.
Let me know if this helps

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Hi All,

Tips and tricks on how to deploy MS Outlook profiles via GPO, so that at first logon the user open outlook 2003 and automatically pick the profile without having desktop support engineer floating about creating outlook profiles in a traditional fashion?

Any help is appreciated

Thank you,


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