RE: Demoting Win2000 server with Exchange 2000

  • From: "John Tolmachoff \(Lists\)" <johnlist@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: "'Vadim Shulaev'" <vshulaev@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Fri, 18 Jul 2003 15:08:23 -0700

> I tryed to send you the screenshot of my settings, but i guess it's
> bigger them what allowed. Here is what my settings read:

Yes, I got the attachment.

> MAIL is my email server on secondary DC. Rome was the first DC for
> domain. I installed secondary DC for the same site and later loaded
> Exchange on it.

My point was that MAIL does not have ROME as a DC in Domain access, only as
a GC.

> The reason i raised some concerns about MAIL having incorrect settings,
> because when i created accounts in Rome, they didn't replicate to MAIL
> and backwards. I also installed second DNS on MAIL and it was also
> acting goofy. I would see the copy of first DNS, but this would act like
> it needs to be setup....

Red Flag on play!

I bet this a DNS issue.

AD absolutely requires properly configure domain wide DNS zones.

Do you see the srv records in the DNS AD Domain zone?

Do you have a root zone?

Are the zones AD Integrated mode?

> This made me look into my domain configurations. I checked AD Sites and
> Services and knowticed that someone made MAIL a GC also. So i had 2 GC
> and AD was getting confised. I unchecked the GC checkbox for MAIL and
> now i only have ROME as a CG.


> Reason for demoting this MAIL server is to clear all the AD settings i
> have on that server and clear ROME AD. I do want to promote it back to
> DC later on again, but at least i would know that everything is correct.
> No one else would mess with the servers again! :)

Lets get DNS checked first.

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