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I found this in the Excel 2000 help files:
        What programs do I need to send, route, post, or view workbooks in 
        System requirements for e-mailing a message or workbook
        To e-mail a message or HTML file   You need Excel 2000 and Outlook 

        To e-mail or route a workbook as an attachment in Excel format (.xls)   
You need Excel 2000 and one of the following e-mail programs: 

        Outlook, Outlook Express, Microsoft Exchange Client, or another 32-bit 
e-mail program compatible with the Messaging Application Programming Interface 
(MAPI). Make sure Mapi32.dll is in the Windows System folder.

        Lotus cc:Mail or another 16-bit e-mail program compatible with Vendor 
Independent Messaging (VIM). Make sure Mapivi32.dll,Mapivitk.dll, and 
Mvthksvr.exe are in the Windows System folder. 

        E-mailing and routing messages and workbooks may not work across 
electronic mail gateways.

        Some message options, such as message tracking and voting, are 
available only if you're using Microsoft Exchange Server. 
        System requirements for viewing an e-mailed message or document
        If you e-mail a message or workbook in HTML format   To view the 
message or workbook, recipients need Outlook 2000, or a Web browser or e-mail 
program (such as Outlook 98 or later) that can read documents in HTML format.

        If you e-mail or route a workbook as an attachment in Excel format 
(.xls)   To view the attached workbook, recipients need Excel 97 or later.

Think it might be a dll issue?


Hey all,

My users were using lotus notes - however we now run ol2k.

I've set OL to be their default mail client in the IE Program settings.  
However, when they hit a mail link within Excel or Word, it opens up the old 
notes client, which needs to remain on the machine for access to legacy 

Is there a reg setting for this?  Ive done a quick search, but nothing obvious 
shows up.

Many thanks

Luke Marioni

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