Default Exchange Mailbox Permissions

  • From: "Mark Dewell" <M.Dewell@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: "[ExchangeList]" <exchangelist@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 17 Oct 2002 16:06:14 +0100

We have been running Exchange 2000 since summer 2001 and have just discovered
that any user accounts created since June 2002 do not get the correct mailbox
permissions set.

The usual mailbox permissions for SELF should be 'Read permissions' and 'Full
mailbox access'. These are set when the mailbox initialises (i.e. the first
time someone connects to it, or when the first message is delivered to it).

The faulty accounts do not show any permissions set for SELF on the usual
security tab, however the Advanced permissions show that 'Full mailbox
access' has been set for SELF and applies to 'This object only'.

The symptoms from the user perspective are that they can access their own
mailbox, but can not expand Public Folders. 

The fix is to grant 'Read permissions' and 'Full mailbox access' on the
normal security window (by default this will then apply to 'This object and
subcontainers'). These are the usual default permissions.

The only other clue we have is that these faulty accounts have been created
using our in-house VB script which sets the following properties
        objUser.homeMDB = "CN=Eng Students,CN=Barking
Students,CN=InformationStore .... etc"
        objUser.mail = userName & ""
        objUser.mailNickname = userName
        objUser.mDBUseDefaults = TRUE

However, this script has been in use since the previous autumn but the
problem only began occuring last June. Accounts created using ADUC do not
have any problems (but we create something like 5000 accounts every autumn -
hence the need to script the process).

The only other significant happening during the summer was that we remove the
original First Exchange Server from the system. I think we transferred
everything off ok (I found and followed various articles on Microsoft support
site) before removal.

Can anyone shed any light on why this may have started happening and how to
fix it?

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