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-------------------------------------------------------you can also edit the 
registry to extend a store limit to 17GB in times of crisis. This would allow 
you to plan your db defrag or upgrade appropriately. Search for "exchange 2003 
17gb informayion store" or something like that if you're interested. 


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I don't think so,, but current public database store is not mounting. 
If I do it manually , it works for few minutes then again gets dismounted 
Please guide me with proper advise. 
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Subject: [ExchangeList] Re: Database Size Limit 
Is it too late to install SP2? 
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Subject: [ExchangeList] Database Size Limit 
Importance: High 
We have Exchange 2003 server. The public database store has reached its 
limit of 16 GB. 
I want to defragment Public database store as it is not mounting. 
I have taken offline backup by stopping all services.  
Will offline backup will be useful, as if in case defragment fails I can 
restore offline backup. 
Can u guide for the process of defragment as what to keep in mind and how to 
execute command accurately. 
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