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Seeing the same thing here with some users

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Apologies for any double posts.  Trying to cover all bases here...

Well, I installed all the patches for DST on workstations, servers and
Exchange server, and am still having issues with users creating new
recurring appointments look fine on their calendar, but the invitees are
showing an hour off for those 3 weeks in March.  It was my understanding
that you didn't have to install the Outlook Tool on the workstations
unless there were recurring appointments that were created before
patching the workstations, servers, and Exchange.  And I ran the
Exchange Calendar Update Tool to avoid the users having to use the
Outlook Tool  *sigh*.  What the heck did I miss?  Running Exchange 2003
on Windows 2003 server box.  Running Outlook 2000 and 2003 on a mix of
Windows 2000 and XP workstations.


Paul Maglinger, A+, CA, CCA, CET, MCSE 

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Shoe Carnival Inc. 


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