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It's still one of the keys into the MAPI store, even in Exchange 2007
(the mailbox GUID is the other).


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That DN is the LegacyExchange DN which is <Org>\<Site>, it stays around
even after you are in native mode.


Not sure if E2k7 does anything with it or not, I would assume not since
Site\Admin\Routings groups are no longer used at all in E2k7.  But the
main reason this is still there is for legacy client support I believe.


Jason Sherry
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        We were planning on running the Exchange rebasing tool tonight
to update our calendar info.   We ran the export yesterday and were
reviewing user's info and noticed that The DN information the tool was
pulling is incorrect for more than half the company. It's pointing to
the old Exchange 5.5 recipients folder not to their correct OU's.  We
believe it's because we are in mixed mode with exchange 5.5 and the ADC
is still connected.  The reason we still have the 5.5 server is because
the internet connector lives there.

Does anyone know if we were to properly remove the ADC, would this
update all their LegancyExchangeDN info to the correct information?
Thanks in advance.


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