[ExchangeList] Re: DSAccess Topology Discovery Fails.

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  • Date: Thu, 3 Jan 2008 21:43:00 +0530

Hi Maha,


Can you try some thing here? 


In the Directory Access tab of the FE server object in System Manager,
Can you set the server to manually and put the correct GC/DC server it
can access.






    Thanks and Regards


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Hello James,


Yeah i checked the 2080 events... As the normal topology discovery
happens every 15 min, this 2080 event should also be listed every 15
min. But once the problem is started this event does not occur since the
DS bind itself fails with all DCs. Instead the several list of events
which i have mentioned in my previous mail gets populated. But the last
topology discovery before the problem starts (ie: before 15 min) will be
succesfull and we will get a 2080 event with normal values for CDG. 





On 1/3/08, James Chong <jchong@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote: 

I have seen problems with discovery failures due to SACL issues; but
this would be an all or nothing deal ie. It would work or wouldn't. Your
issue is strange since it works on an off. Is there an event id 2080. If
so; can you see what values you get for reachability and SACL and post? 


Event Type: Information Event Source: MSExchangeDSAccess Event Category:
Topology Event ID: 2080


Event ID 2080 from MSExchangeDSAccess



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Hello Michael,


The access to the port is not actually gone. We are able to telnet the
DS servers in 389 port from the affected Exchange Server during the
problem. But rest of the tools like DCdiag, Netdiag.... etc is not
running during the time when the problem persists. Only thing is the
Topology Discovery fails to bind with any of the DS serevrs. We have got
multiple DCs which are detected in-site, once this problem happens it is
trying to get the Topology information using some boot strap server and
DS bind fails with all DCs and hence going to Out-Site DC and even that
is getting failed. 


This does not look like a AD issue as other Exchange Servers in the site
are also using the same DCs in the DSAccess Auto Discovery mode. 


Any suggestions for throwing light in this dark issue is appreciated...





On 1/2/08, Michael B. Smith <michael@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote: 

Can you "telnet <ds-server> 389" ?? That is, is access to the port
actually gone?


If so, this isn't an Exchange issue per se - the Exchange problem is
just a symptom of a larger problem.




Michael B. Smith

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Hello All,


Windows 2003 AD With Native Mode

Exchange 2003 SP2 with Native Mode


We have vague issue in DSAccess Topology discovry only in one particular
Front End Exchange server which we use it as Mobility Server.Every week
the topology discovery will fail with 2110, 2115, 2114, 2095, 2102,
2103...... events. The main error is " Process MAD.EXE (PID=1908). Could
not bind to DS server XXXXXXXX Error 5a in Port 389". There is no use in
running any tests like netdiag, nltest, policy test during this time
because it is not able to communicate with port 389. The only temporary
slution which we have is Reboot the Exchange server after which it will
work fine for another week. 


Did the following things..


Increased Diagnostic Logging for DSAccess and hence got the above
mentioned events...

Ran ExBPA and found nothing fishy, except 3GB switch enabled in the
Front End Server which is not there in any other FE servers.

Memory usage is normal.


We are planning to take this up with Microsoft but before that just
thought of getting any of your suggestions if any one has faced this

Regards... Mahadevan


Regards... Maha 

Regards... Maha 

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