DNS issue with Ex03

  • From: Scott Vansingel <Scott_Vansingel@xxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: exchangelist@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Fri, 1 Apr 2005 09:45:22 -0600

We have a interesting thing that we are noticing. 

Some of our clients have Exchange 2003 server running and all is well 
however, they were having issues looking up some domains. 
for some reason when email would not go to Hotmail, AOL, and a couple of 
other places. 
We had to change their Forwarders (on The Master DNS) to use Sigicoms DNS 
Servers.  (They were using SBC and AT&T). 
The other side of the issue was, we had a customer that we helped migrate 
to Exchange 2003 from a 5.5 system. 
When it was Ex 5.5 it was working well, they could send email to AOL, 
Yahoo, and Hotmail. 
After we changed them to Exchange 2003, it would not send to AOL, Yahoo, 
or Hotmail. The only fix that we have come across is to change their DNS 
forwarders to Sigicoms DNS servers. 

Anyone have any ideas ?

Thank you,

Scott Van Singel  MCSE, MCP
Network Engineer / Consultant
Keller Schroeder & Associates
Phone: (812) 474-6825  Ext. 378
Email: Svansingel@xxxxxxxxxx

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