RE: DNS MX record problem

  • From: "Indra Chandrakalum" <chandrakalum@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: exchangelist@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Tue, 16 Apr 2002 21:52:21 -0600

Thanks for the response.
This problem is common for all my mail accounts in the server. So how to
add that username@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  in e mail address lists of user
accounts. Can u guide me .
As for nslookup test it works fine..
When I set the type to MX and check with server1, and it points
properly to
However still the mails to useraccount@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx bounce back saying
host is unknown.

> I'm taking a stab here as I don't know the full problem, but I would =
> suggest verifying that the user you are e-mailing has =
> username@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx in their e-mail address list as well as =
> username@xxxxxxxxx
> Also, verify the MX record is working.  From the Exchange server, run a =
> few DNS utilities (primarily (probably only) NSLOOKUP).  Verify the MX =
> record is pointing to SERVER1 for TEST.COM. and for SERVER1.TEST.COM. =
> and you should be good (if that is working).
> I believe Exchange 5.5 allows all incoming domains by default, if not, =
> change this in the configuration.  With Exchange 2000, you need to add a =
> list of domains you want to accept.
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> Subject: [exchangelist] DNS MX record problem
> Hi,
> I am struggling with converting my unix mail server to Exchange server =
> 5.5
> on a Windows 2000 Advance Server machine. For convenience let us say my
> domain is .My unix server had been configured to receive
> following both mail addresses to the same reciepient account.
> reciepient@xxxxxxxx
> reciepient@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
> Here server1 is the name of the machine.
> When configuring Win2k server I gave same server1 name to new machine to
> avoid any conflict.
> Now with Exchange 5.5 any mail addressed to  reciepient@xxxxxxxx receive
> properly.
> However when sending  a mail addressing reciepient@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  =
> mail
> is rejecting saying Host is unknown.
> I guess problem is with DNS MX record entry. Below mentioned is the
> relevant entries I have used.
> @             MX 10
> server1               MX 15
> server1               A
> @             A
> Appreciate if anybody give me a clue or guideline to get through this..
> Thanks in Advance,
> Chandrakalum
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