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I'm taking a stab here as I don't know the full problem, but I would suggest 
verifying that the user you are e-mailing has username@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx in 
their e-mail address list as well as username@xxxxxxxxx

Also, verify the MX record is working.  From the Exchange server, run a few DNS 
utilities (primarily (probably only) NSLOOKUP).  Verify the MX record is 
pointing to SERVER1 for TEST.COM. and for SERVER1.TEST.COM. and you should be 
good (if that is working).

I believe Exchange 5.5 allows all incoming domains by default, if not, change 
this in the configuration.  With Exchange 2000, you need to add a list of 
domains you want to accept.

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I am struggling with converting my unix mail server to Exchange server 5.5
on a Windows 2000 Advance Server machine. For convenience let us say my
domain is .My unix server had been configured to receive
following both mail addresses to the same reciepient account.
Here server1 is the name of the machine.
When configuring Win2k server I gave same server1 name to new machine to
avoid any conflict.
Now with Exchange 5.5 any mail addressed to  reciepient@xxxxxxxx receive
However when sending  a mail addressing reciepient@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  mail
is rejecting saying Host is unknown.
I guess problem is with DNS MX record entry. Below mentioned is the
relevant entries I have used.
@               MX 10
server1         MX 15
server1         A
@               A

Appreciate if anybody give me a clue or guideline to get through this..
Thanks in Advance,

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