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  • Date: Sun, 28 Sep 2003 17:15:14 +0100

Hi David
Assuming your mail servers do not forward mail directly to have dns resolved 
there, you need to ensure you have A and MX records for your mailservers in 
your DNS. The MX record will be used by incoming mail to route to your 


Brian Parker 
Senior Computing Officer 


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Dear all,


I am running Windows 2k Server and Server 2k.


The network has recently been reconfigured by "experts" for broadband and to 
join a wide area network for all local schools, and I have received virtually 
no incoming e-mail since! I can send e-mail out though.


When I run a DNS report ( <> ) the 
clue seems to be that I get a "Fail" on the "Connect to mail servers". The 
message reads "Error: I could not connect to one or more of your mail servers: Timed out [Last data sent: QUIT]"


The other mail servers are and


The "expert" tested it by logging on top his server (also within the WAN) and 
e-mail was fine.

Similarly the ISP can send through e-mail.


Can anybody confirm that this is a DNS issue within the mail server that I 
can't connect to, or might it be within my own configuration?


The site is 




David S.




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