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If you're not familiar how to get the attribute and value, what I would
do is open adsiedit, find the group, right click properties, filter so
that only values that are configured are checked. Keep note of the
attributes that are present, Now go to ADUC, right click the group,
Exchange General, where it says  message restrictions, add your user
that is restricted from sending. Now go back to Adsiedit, go back to the
group, filter so that values that are configured is checked, you should
see an additional attribute now since you configured it, enter that
attribute and value into the custom field of admodify.


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  I have tried using ADModify to make the following edit on DL's but the
option is not available with ADModify.

  On all DL's in my organization (and there are quite a few) I need to
restrict one specific address from being able to send to them.  Is there
a tool that I can use to edit all DL's to 'accept messages from anyone
EXCEPT' one person?


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