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Hello all,

   Our organization is blocking all DAT files from entering our organization
due to Virus' exploiting this file type.  The problem is that our co-workers
in Europe are triggering the filter (the only ones reporting this issue, for
both internal and external e-mail users).  When I have them send to an
external e-mail address so that I can see what may be triggering the filter,
I find no .DAT files.  The filter is configured to block only .DAT
attachments and not 'DAT' in the body text.  I can find no .DAT files, or
any text with the letters 'dat' that may be causing the filter to block
their e-mail.

    What should I look for since there are no attachments?  Could a
signature in exchange, or some other setting be placing a .DAT file in their
e-mails?  Any assistance would be much appreciated.


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