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   I too use GFI...   GFI does provide a tool to create the 'SPAM'
folders in everyone's mailboxes, but I have been wary to implement that.

   I have found a way to use public folders forward e-mail to a mailbox
location without editing the header or message in any way...  Follow
these steps and test it out.  Works great for me and keeps our Bayesian
filters up to date almost real time.

1.  Create a 'Spam' mailbox
        - give yourself permissions to the Spam Mailbox
        - hide the mailbox from the GAL and do not tell people about it
or they will forward to the SPAM mailbox instead of submitting to the
folder below.
2.  Create a 'Spam Reporting' public folder
        - give default permissions as 'Contributor' to the folder
        - give yourself 'Owner' permissions to the public folder
3.  Launch outlook, and navigate to the 'Spam Reporting' public folder
        - go to the properties of this folder
        - On the 'Administration' tab, click on the 'Folder Assistant'
        - Add a Rule
                - leave EVERYTHING blank on the Edit Rule screen (so all
submissions trigger the rule)
                - under 'Perform these actions' check 'delete' and
                - in the TO: field, specify the SPAM mailbox
                - in the METHOD: field, select 'LEAVE MESSAGE IN TACT'

If you follow these directions, basically people will be able to submit
the spam by dragging and dropping it into the correct public folder.
When it hits the folder, it is forwarded to the SPAM mailbox in it's
original form (headers and all in original condition) and the Public
Folder submissions will not be viewable by everyone in your

You might want to create one of these for HAM (legitimate mail that is
triggered as SPAM) submissions in your organization as well.  This works
well in OWA...

You can then run the GFI Mail Essentials Bayesian Analysis Wizard to
update your Bayesian filters.


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by default

I am looking at using OWA exclusively in house instead of using Outlook
2003. My only real speed bump at the moment is that I have GFI
MailEssentials working so that Spam, Blacklists, etc. is all being
updated by users moving or copying emails to the public folders created
by GFI.
I looked into mail enabling the folders but that will not work because
forwarding the mail makes GFI look at the forwarder instead of the
Is it possible to a) create my own version of these folders in all users
mailboxes via script or anything automated. b) move email from these
folders to their respective public folders nightly via an automated
I've checked on the forum and various resources and can't quite find
what I am looking for.
I have Exchange 2003 on Windows Server 2003 in an Active Directory 2003

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