RE: Contact Distribution List

  • From: "mike" <piggyshark@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: exchangelist@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Wed, 12 Jun 2002 19:54:25 -0600

Hi guys,

I just tried what paresh suggested but it didn't work.  I did some reading
on global settings and auto-forwarding.  I think this is applicable if the
the contact it self has a user account in AD because there you can set to
forward messages either to the external mail address and the local mailbox
or just forward the message to the external mail address.  I have done
this before and I have no problems with this type of setup.  The contact I
created does not have a corresponding user account.  The reason I did this
was because these people are not part of the organization, they are
clients.  I was thinking create a contact with an external address place
it in a distribution group . . . ergo send a message to that e-mail
enabled group and messages will get forwarded to the contacts.  The way I
configured the contact is it just contains an external address
(xxxx@xxxxxxxxxxx).  I tested it by sending an individual message and the
message was received.  It is just that when I put it in the distribution
group and you send a message to it does not get sent.  From outlook there
seems to be no problems >>> the message goes to the outbox and lands in
sent items.  I tried checking the SMTP queue in Exchange but there is
nothing there.
At this point, I'm thinking maybe contacts cannot be used in this manner. 
So what are my alternatives at this point? I'm thinking since we don't
have hundreds of clients I could just create seperate address lists that
use the company names of the clients and place appropriate contacts in the
address list(e.g. Citibank = address list, Max Payne = contact).  I have
also read that another way of organizing contacts is by using Public
Folders but this process requires more planning.
I would just like to get your thoughts or opinions on what I just said.

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