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  • Date: Thu, 20 Feb 2003 21:46:38 -0500

Good Evening:

I have a quick question regarding connectors.  I hope that some body can shed a 
light on it.

I have multiple sites. My Exchange organization is running in mixed mode.  Site 
A (Head Office) is a mixed mode site that contains Exchange Server 5.5 Servers 
and Exchange 2000 Servers; Site A contains Bridgehead and IMS servers running 
on Exchange 5.5. Sites B, C, and D are Exchange Server 5.5 sites and are 
connected with Site A through a Site Connector. Site E and F are Exchange 2000 
sites.  Which connector should I use to connect Site E and Site F with Site A.  
Routing Group connector or Site connector?

I know that a Routing Group is a new name of an Exchange Site.  In a 
coexistence mode,  I have a choice available to use Routing Group Connector or 
a Site connector.  What is the recommendation about connector in an above 
scenario where Bridgehead server and IMS servers are running on Exchange 5.5 

I am using Routing Group Connector to connect my Exchange 2000 Sites (Site E 
and Site F) with Site A (Head Office) and I am getting following error message

Event Type: Warning
Event Source: MSExchangeTransport
Event Category: Routing Engine/Service 
Event ID:                 951
Date: 15/2/2003
Time: 2:49:20 PM
User: N/A
Computer:                 SERVERNAME

When sending mail to following address *.3A30ADD0-4275-BA4C-A0D6-7B9FC70C892C, 
we have found the connector with target domain 
*.3A30ADD0-4275-BA4C-A0D6-7B9FC70C892C matching destination address exists in 
DS. However, we have no way of getting there. Possibly, you need  to check your 
topology and add appropriate connectors among Routing Groups.

This server just happens to be the first Exchange 2000 server in the Exchange 
5.5 Site of a total of 42 sites/7000 users.  ADC is up and running, mail is 
flowing, mailboxes can be moved, the whole bit.  The above error is only 
written to the event log when server is rebooted.  After that, it never shows 
up again.  It does show up 42 times (once for every Exchange 5.5 Site) in an 
Application Event Log.  Any idea to resolve this issues?

Thank You,


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