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The 2003 SMTP protocol is based on the SMTP service provided in Windows
2000 and higher.  Exchange expands the functionality of the base OS SMTP
service and moves all (except really specialized metabase changes that
are normally only done when troubleshooting) administration into
Exchange System Manager (ESM).  The E2k3 SMTP service also support
additional ESMTP commands, support for Intelligent Message Filtering
(IMF), SenderID, RBLs, better filtering, better admin, more flexibility,
and more.


Incoming mail is controlled by your MX records.  Routing cost will
control which server sends the messages outbound, unless you have one
configured to use the other as a smart host.  By default outbound mail
from 5.5 users will be sent out by the 5.5 server (due to routing cost).
I don't recall for sure but think that if you don't configure a SMTP
connector on the E2k3 server it will continue to send mail out though
the 5.5 server.  So once you get your directory prepared (ADC, etc) for
E2k3 and setup your E2k3 server you need to setup an SMTP connector on
it so it will send (This can be done with the Internet Mail Wizard).


It's been awhile since I've done 5.5 work so my response might be
subject to some rusted synaptics J


Jason Sherry
Messaging Architect, MCSE: M, Microsoft MVP


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I have a 5.5 server that holds only are internet connector and a
connector for our fax software.  I have two questions.  What is the
difference between the versions of smtp protocol that 5.5 uses compared
to 2003?

What will happen if I run the internet mail wizard on the 2003 server?
Will it take over both outgoing and incoming?  Or since our MX is
pointing to the 5.5 only outgoing.

Thanks in advance. 


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