RE: Connecting to Exch2003 with Outlook

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  • Date: Fri, 25 Jul 2003 11:25:54 +0930

Hi Ryan,

As far as I understand using outlook to access exchange requires domain
authentication. OWA can be set to use basic authentication
(username/password dialog box) but I don't think this applies to

You don't say whether the remote users are dialing in to your network or
accessing it across the net. If across the net you will be required to
open some ports (like RPC). While a Q article explains how to change
these ports to other higher (unknown) ports I would not recommend doing
this as a simple port scan could show them up, and security by obscurity
has never worked for long. Instead look at a robust VPN solution if you
want/need to do this. Note that RPC is fairly unworkable below about


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Having some problems with a couple of out teleworkers, they can access
the server using OWA no problem but cannot access it using Outlook 2002
it just refuses to connect. Do they have to be logged onto the domain
somehow for it to connect ?

They are basically laptop users running winxp prof in standalone mode
which I am loath to bugger with.


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