[ExchangeList] Re: Configure my server for Blackberry

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  • Date: Mon, 4 Dec 2006 16:12:17 -0500

If you want to provide e-mail access to your Blackberry Device users,
there are two ways to accomplish this:


1.      OMA - tell your users to access your OWA site followed by /OMA.
This is a text only version of OWA and is much easier to use on a mobile
2.      Forward E-mails - Create a 'contact' account in exchange for
your users.  Assign the external SMTP address of their Blackberry
devices to the Contact account.  Then, open the user's 'user account' in
AD and select the option to forward a copy of their e-mails to their
inbox and the 'contact' account.  Basically, this will send a copy of
all e-mails to the Blackberry Device's email address.  If using this
method, they will have to sync their devices to their desktop to get
their calendars and contacts copied over.


  Or, just let them use both options above.




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Are there any steps I need to follow to allow users to receive email
directed from my exchange 2k3 server to their blackberry's? These users
are remote and able to access OWA. I don't have a Blackberry Enterprise
server, just a single server and a few, 2, users who want mail to go to
their devices. Before doing this do I need to configure their desktops
to be configured on my domain if they want to receive email to their
Outlook and then Outlook? 

Any responses appreciated. 

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